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Murano and Burano islands


This 32-mile long Venitian lagoon was born from the estuaries of three different rivers and is separated from the Adriatic Sea by a thin sand bar. Venice is located in the midst of the cluster of islands that are in this lagoon. Almost half of them are deserted and the two most prominent ones to the North are the Murano and Burano islands. Our flagship tour will start from the Cornoldi jetty and you'll be able to visit these two islands. Murano is famous for its glasswork and you'll have the opportunity to watch a master glassmaker hard at work. The glass manufacture was transferred to Murano in 1291 after ovens were banned from Venice to protect it from fires. Murano was particularly active in glassmaking in the 16th century, the "golden age" of glasswork thanks to the 37 manufactures and 30 000 inhabitants that were on the island at the time. Glasswork was one of the first Venitian exports and the secrets of this craft were sealed. Glassmaking was considered a privilege that allowed the craftsmen a wealthy marriage. Today, this glasswork isn't a secret any longer and mirrors made in blown glass, chandeliers, cups and other complex art objects are renowned worldwide. Burano will be our next step. This lovely fishermen's village is picturesque with its vividly-colored houses and its canal sides interspersed with breams. Burano is famous for its lace. The heyday of this craft was in the 16th century when Burano was famous all across Europe. A school was created to preserve the traditional lace making technique. Although lace production might not be as popular today as it was back then, some women on the island are still making it. You'll also get some free time on this charming island to discover it on your own. We'll get back to the ship at the end of our tour.


  • Good shoes and windbreaker are recommended.
  • Evenings may be cold depending on season.
  • The order of the visits can change.
  • Times are approximate.

Trip code : EXC_ILES

On-board Price : 96 AUD