tropical odyssey between north east australia and indonesia
locationBenoa, bali - Cairns - Asia
Tropical Odyssey between North East Australia and Indonesia
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Over 16 days, fall under the spell of the beauty and richness of the Indonesian archipelago and the southern shores of Australia. Aboard Le Soléal, take an exceptional expedition cruise with PONANT, sailing from island to island, from idyllic landscapes to unforgettable encounters.

From the 'island of gods', head to mysterious Komodo, a small wild island whose national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among other things, it is home to the famous Komodo dragons, gigantic monitor lizards that can grow more than three metres long. Here you will be able to see them in their natural environment. 

You will then set sail for Flores, the island of flowers, followed by the Alor Archipelago, two destinations where the inhabitants have successfully maintained their age-old traditional lifestyle.

The next port of call on your cruse will be Kalabahi. This authentic destination in the Alor Archipelago provides the opportunity to interact with local people who have preserved their traditional practices and customs.

After calling at the fabulous Barat Daya Islands, you will explore the Moluccas (Maluku Islands), also known as the Spice Islands, and make a stop on the island of Banda Neira, marked by Dutch and Portuguese influences.

Le Soléal will continue on to the Indonesian province of West Papua to give you the opportunity to admire the Kiti-Kiti Waterfall. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you will undoubtedly be tempted to swim or snorkel at the foot of this stunning natural site.

Then, you will sail to the heart of Triton Bay. Located within a protected marine environment in the middle of the Coral Triangle, you will enjoy an unforgettable zodiac cruise through the spectacular rainforest-capped karst islands.

Further south, you will discover the Asmat region, one of the most isolated and mysterious areas in the world.

Le Soléal will finally reach Australia to finish on a high note exploring Lizard Island, an island with exceptional marine life, from multicoloured coral to giant clams.

The encounters with the wildlife described above illustrate possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed.

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