the northwest passage, in the wake of roald amundsen
locationKangerlussuaq - Nome, alaska - European arctic
The Northwest Passage, in the wake of Roald Amundsen
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With featured guest Nick Rains, Australian photo ambassador.

PONANT takes you to theboundariesofthe Far North during an exceptional trip in the wake of the legendary explorer Roald Amundsen. Sail the mythical Northwest Passage, a historic and famous shipping route, which winds its way among the labyrinthine channels of the northernmost world. Spend 23 days marvelling at the beauty of these remote regions where Inuit villages appear amidst the landscapes of the Arctic.

Greenland, and its traditional colourful houses, is the first port of call on your long adventure . You will sail along the west coast of this immense island with its hypnotic panoramas, between mineral landscapes and immaculate expanses, where the interplay between the contrasts seems endless. Monumental icebergs criss-cross the Labrador Sea with you, to travel towards Baffin Bay.

Set sail to Northern Canada and the entrance of the Northwest Passage. Amundsen was the first to pave the way on this northern route between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, which long remained just a theory for navigators and scientists. In Gjoa Haven, discover the wintering site of the expedition he undertook between 1903 and 1906. Like him, get to know the Inuit people who perpetuate their ancestral traditions in the heart of grandiose nature. On Beechey Island, retrace the steps of the Franklin expedition, before marvelling at the sublime canyon at Fury Beach.

Throughout your trip, you will enter majestic fjords and sail at the edge of the ice floes, in the hope of glimpsing the polar bear, the lord of the Far North. After Bellot Strait, the narrow passage of Coningham Bay will provide the perfect spot for an encounter with remarkable beluga whales. Try to spot bowhead whales in the Beaufort Sea; as for grey whales, these occupy the waters of the Bering Strait before they migrate towards the south of the continent. An exceptional journey taking in the emblematic fauna of the Far North, dreamlike landscapes and unforgettable encounters with the people of the North.

We are privileged guests in these remote lands where we are at the mercy of weather, ice, tidal and current conditions. Landings on certain sites and the observation of certain wildlife cannot be guaranteed. They vary from day to day, making each PONANT cruise a unique experience. The Captain and the Expedition Leader will make every effort to ensure that your experience is as rich as possible, while complying with the safety rules and instructions imposed by the AECO.?


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