secrets of the red sea
locationJeddah - Aqaba - Indian ocean
Secrets of the Red Sea
Secrets of the Red Sea
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Sailing up the Red Sea and leaving in one's wake the memories of a lifetime: the Arabian Desert and its ochre hues that stop suddenly before the clear waters of the sea, the intriguing cities and their typical souks whose colourful stalls fill the air in the alleys with their fragrances, and the archaeological sites that recount the mysteries of a secular history and ancient civilisations. Over 11 days, take a unique and unforgettable journey aboard Le Dumont-d'Urville to discover the East and its secrets.

Throughout your journey, you will benefit from an excursion included per person per port of call, chosen with care by PONANT. During this cruise, take your place aboard an off-road vehicle in Safaga for an excursion in the desert to discover a Bedouin camp, visit the magnificent Masada fortress from Eilat and swim in the Dead Sea, or enjoy a boat trip around Baridi Island, combining relaxation, snorkelling and swimming. The diversity of experiences on offer promises you intense and varied moments (to discover the full range of excursions, go to the itinerary tab).

Past and future coexist along the shores of Saudi Arabia. For the first time with PONANT, you will penetrate the fascinating Jeddah. Behind its apparent modernity hides the long history of a port established in the 7th century at the crossroads of key trade routes, and of an essential stopping point on the way to Mecca. From this past, the city has retained a multicultural architecture blending traditional constructions in coral from this coastal region and know-how borrowed along the ancient routes, affording it status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yanbu also stands out for its history linked to trade, since it was once a major port along the spice route between Yemen and Egypt. Like in Jeddah, the Hejazi architecture can be discovered by visiting the old town. On the little-known island of Baridi, enjoy some water-based activities in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea: snorkelling or simply swimming will be a pleasure for the senses.

Between Africa and the Middle East, the Red Sea connected people and civilisations and it continues to do so today. Along its shores or a little further inland, discover some of its legendary archaeological sites. Egypt opens its doors to you and takes you to explore its most enigmatic treasures. From Safaga, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Thebes and the Valley of the Kings that faces it on the other side of the Nile.

From Eilat, another no less fascinating tale from ancient times will be revealed in the Judaean Desert. Sitting atop its limestone perch, the Masada fortress has been an impressive sight since the 1st century BC due to its position overlooking the Dead Sea. This true wonder is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This arid region is home to desert after desert, but each landscape is unique. In Wadi Rum, the elements have formed canyons and cliffs, arches and caves whose sandstone and granite rocks emerge from the orange-coloured sand. You will reach these surreal landscapes from Aqaba.

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