polynesia and easter island
locationPapeete, tahiti island - Hanga roa, easter island - Polynesia
Polynesia and Easter Island
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Some trips are life changing, altering our perception of the world forever. In the waters of the Pacific Ocean, sail on an incredible odyssey taking you from the shores of Tahiti to the legendary Easter Island. Over 15 days aboard Le Boréal, (re)discover the shared mysteries of these faraway places and the captivating beauty of their extraordinary landscapes.

Leave Papeete and the island of Tahiti in your wake to reach the coast of the stunning Bora Bora. This island, whose name translates to 'first-born' in English, is also called Mai te pora ('created by the gods') by the Polynesians, since only divine will could have created an Eden such as this. Admire its turquoise lagoon, a garden for the coral life and multicoloured fish, overlooked by cliffs covered in lush vegetation, and take in the gentleness of Polynesia. A little further on, Moorea awaits you and invites you to discover Polynesian culture, notably by visiting one of the island's pearl farms that are among the treasures of the island nation Now it is time for Le Boréal to leave behind the Society Islands to take you to the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Anaa atoll. It is said that ship captains can recognise it from a great distance as the pale green of its lagoon is sometimes reflected in the clouds!

Far from the major maritime routes, you now find yourself in the Gambier archipelago, one of the most unspoiled destinations in Polynesia. Appearing on the horizon is the small village of Rikitea where St Michael's Cathedral stands proudly, entirely built from coral and timber.

Crystal-clear waters, abundant vegetation, endemic wildlife... You will sail to the Pitcairn Islands, a subtropical ecosystem whose capital, Adamstown*, is like a charming small village.

Finally, you will reach the intriguing and fabulous Easter Island, lying approximately 3,700 km (2,300 miles) away from the continent. This legendary land will reveal its mysteries to you through its undeciphered 'rongorongo' inscriptions carved into wooden tablets, but also and above all through its famous moais or 'walking statues' facing the endless expanse of ocean and now classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

*Disembarkation on the Pitcairn Islands is subject to weather conditions.

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