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Nordic Discoveries & Traditions
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Set off aboard Le Bellot for a brand-new 11-day cruise and enjoy an exceptional experience exploring Norway in the winter. From Tromso, you will sail towards these magical lands, where your exceptional itinerary will take in snow-capped summits, immaculate landscapes and the discovery of millennial traditions.  

The beginning of this trip beyond the Arctic Circle will be marked by an immersion in the land of the Sami. From your disembarkation in Narvik, in the very heart of captivating summits plunging into the sumptuous Ofotfjord, you will be invited to explore the ancestral tales of this reindeer-herding indigenous people

Your ship will then make its way south where you will witness the mysterious charm of the Lofoten archipelago. These islands have landscapes of surreal beauty alternating between sea, spectacular fjords, mountain slopes and bright-coloured huts on stilts.

Then, Le Bellot will set sail for Hammerfest, the northernmost town in the world. During your port of call in this charming fishing port, you will have the opportunity to explore the Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of triangulations stretching from Norway to the Black Sea, and the first technical and scientific tool to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will also sail by Bear Island, halfway between the North Cape of Norway and the South Cape of Spitsbergen. From your ship, you will marvel at this small strip of land with its craggy coastline and high jagged cliffs.

Le Bellot will once again set sail south, for the captivating Honningsvag. This port of call will take you to the northernmost point of Europe: the North Cape. On this cliff, home to the emblematic Milestone, a globe-shaped monument, allow yourself the time to dream as you gaze upon the vastness of the Barents Sea.

You will then discover Alta. With the polar night in full swing, you may be lucky enough to admire the unique colours of the Northern Lights as they ripple and spin above the Arctic Circle.

Your trip into the very heart of the immenseness of the Norwegian Arctic polar world will end in Tromso, your disembarkation port.

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