curious islands from the seychelles to madagascar
locationVictoria, mahé - Nosy be - Indian ocean
Curious Islands from the Seychelles to Madagascar
Curious Islands from the Seychelles to Madagascar
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As the gentle trade winds caress the turquoise ocean, a light breeze skims over the vegetation... The idyllic islands and captivating atolls of the Indian Ocean stretch out before you. During an all-new11-day expedition cruise aboard LeDumont-d'Urville, time seems to stand still and, between the Seychelles and the island country of Madagascar, nature will plunge you into a dream.

From Victoria on the island of Mahé, you will first sail to La Digue, a veritable picture-postcard of the Seychelles: palm trees, granite rocks, white sand and crystal-clear waters.

You will then discover Aride, an unspoiled delight of the Indian Ocean, home to thousands of birds including some endemic species. On Curieuse Island, reputed for its red earth and for the Aldabra giant tortoises that have taken up residence there, take an excursion to the heart of the mangrove.

Then you will sail to Remire Island, an Eden lost in the Indian Ocean. Discover its abundant fauna as you explore both on land and under water. Fall in love with this idyllic port of call as you walk around the island and snorkel in its waters.

You will be completely dazzled by the splendour of the Seychelles atolls. On Saint-François, in the heart of the Outer Islands, immerse yourself in a genuine marine and terrestrial natural sanctuary where you will be able to observe the spellbinding ballet of myriad bird species as well as the fascinating spectacle of colourful fish. You will then discover Farquhar, whose pristine shores, azure lagoons and wildlife unveil a world of infinite adventures. 

Your ship will then set sail for the northern tip of Madagascar. During a brand-new and unique port of call, discover the charm of Diego Suarez, renowned as Madagascar's most beautiful bay. Also known as Antsiranana, this port of call is famous for its Emerald Sea lagoon, its picturesque bays, its iconic Pain de Sucre island, its majestic mountains, its idyllic beaches and its vibrant culture, all of which are invitations to discovery and fascination. You will be dazzled by the beauty of the deserted beaches and preserved coral reefs of the idyllic islets in the Nosy Hara and Nosy Tanikely marine parks, renowned for their fabulous underwater life.

Finally, you will arrive in Nosy Be, the end of this unique journey, which is known for its beautiful primary forests where rosewood trees, camphor trees and ylang-ylang thrive.

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