9th annual piano festival at sea
locationVenice - Athens - Western mediterranean
9th annual Piano Festival at Sea
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In partnership with RADIO CLASSIQUE,with featured guest Alain Duault.

From the Aegean Sea to the Adriatic Sea via the Ionian Sea, the Italian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Greek coastlines bewitch, captivate and enchant. Between millennia-old cities, jagged coastlines and emblematic ancient heritage, let yourself fall under the spell of these Mediterranean treasures, during an unexpected interlude, in Venice the Serenissima.

After a stopover in the charming city of Rovinj, which has Venetian influences, L'Austral will sail towards Hvar. Here, on this charming Dalmatian island, the country's oldest city Stari Grad nestles between dry-stone rustic estates, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You will now leave the shores of Montenegro for Croatia. You will sail along the coast to reach the mythical city of Dubrovnik. In the aptly named "Pearl of the Adriatic", a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be inspired by its millennia-old history, fascinated by its limestone cliffs sculpted by the wind and marvel at the heritage of its old town.

L'Austral will continue sailing north to the Adriatic Sea. The majestic, grandiose, iconic Bay of Kotor will stretch out before you. There is an air of the Norwegian fjords here in its sparkling blue waters. Nestling in the heart of a bay surrounded by rocky and woody summits, the city of Kotor will surprise you, as you stroll through the narrow little streets of its old town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its mediaeval architecture.

Next Corfu, the most famous Ionian island, will reveal the hidden treasures of its Greco-Byzantine and Venetian architectural heritage. It is the northernmost island in the Ionia Sea, both mountainous and woody, and its fascinating landscapes have inspired painters and writers such as Goethe, Alfred Sisley and Lawrence Durrell.

After your mythical and remarkable crossing of the Corinth Canal, you will fall under the spell of the island of Itea, not far from the marvellous archaeological site of Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Temple of Apollo stood here, constructed in the 4th century BC. 

Your cruise will end in Athens, the mythical city dominated by the Acropolis and its monuments that form the most extraordinary architectural and artistic collection bequeathed by Ancient Greece to the rest of the world.


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